Imagine being invited to a wedding and the wedding card is so lovely with ribbons. It also has a lovely fragrance. Now, you think to yourself that it was really thoughtful and kind of them to remember you even though you are not close friends or even friends with the couple. Perhaps, acquaintances. You then want to keep the card on the table still with your good thoughts about them and being remembered. You notice a small note at the back of the invitation card saying. ‘We’ve known each other for long and been together. We all so have everything a home can ever want. Please, do not give us gifts. Just send us money.’


You cringe and cringe more and more at the sheer raw and rude stupidity of the couple and drop the card. Now, you think, no way am i going to such a wedding.

To be honest, I believe it’s plain dumb, cold and stupid. Weddings are supposed to be fun, warm , polite, love filled events. It should be and feel so before and after the wedding day.

Anyone who does things like this would say it’s a free world and some of their good friends or fellows with like minds, will understand.

Why not just say no gifts and you would like their presence… why not say nothing at all and let people give you the money and the gifts if they’ve got it.

If you are so rich or alright in your home, give out the gifts to other friends or charity. If you are poor or not alright enough and really need the money, just forget asking for it like that at weddings. Manage your life and hopefully, things will get better.

Thoughts of stuff like this…dumb,stupid, cold, greedy.



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