Prayers works! I believe it does ultimately and cannot be disregarded even if my prayers in times of need and to save a life or lives in the past were in vain. It sure works and God alone has reasons for everything which we would by the way never know.
Prayer helps but just imagine if thats the only thing…God says there’s time for everything, even Jesus knew that and did not pray every moment in His lifetime. Sometimes, He prayed, He meditated, somtimes, He rebuked, sometimes he dined with the unexpected and despised, sometimes, He just worked and did things rather than preaching.
Just Imagine if great God fearing men and women on earth who changed history only prayed.
Speaking out about ills in society and famiies matters or just righting a wrong. Doing some work to help a purpose prayed for helps. Helping one’s self while praying simply helps.
There are times to look the other way and there are times when good men and women of God [whether as the head of a congregation or the congregation itself] should just speak up ad do the right thing while still praying.
That’s my take.
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