I’m still an admirer of Willow Smith. Infact, an acclaimed one. I guess it’s because she won me over for certain obvious reasons which include the fact that she made a hit song, whip your at such an incredible age and also because she the daughter of good parents and admirable Hollywood stars.

Willow stole our hearts all over the world. Old and young were dancing to her song and watching her video all over again. At least, my mum was wowed!

Somehow, soon after all the hit and praises, we all noticed weird dressing and we’re like, ‘well, she’s celebrity and rich kid on her own’, ‘oh well, she’s still a child’, etc. I mean dressing that you would always notice a fashion mistake here or there. Then, there were more attention seeking events or accidents. Then, she changed hair styles frequently and I began to wonder if she really was happy, trouble or crying out. She then cut her hair and most people were like, ‘oh well, we cut our hair one in a while’.  I felt , ‘whatever, fashion…I cut my hair once in a green moon too’.

Amusingly, some began to mistaken her for Jaden with the hair. Then, then, then…hours ago, we heard and saw pictures of lil Willow with piercing. People’s comments on bogs and pictures seemed to range from outrage to resigned disappointment. I don’t blame them. She should be allowed to grow up, have fun, enjoy childhood with one or two pals and her siblings, get educated more, (it’s never a waste even if one is already a super star or on the way to stardom, she should be channelling energy in to all that and more hit songs (or movies).

I wish all that and more because she’s so pretty and talented with such a wonderful mature voice.

I mean, the first day we heard her hit song, the radio station DJ asked us listeners to guess the singers age for over an hour. People said twenty years, twenty-eight, thirty – four, and seventeen. So, when we were freed and it was revealed it was a freshly cooked track by non other than the Smith’s lil girl, we all tripped. I knew raw talent and this was one. I only wish her greatness and more achievements than the worthy attention seeking events.  She deserves more. Everyone does.

Oh by the way, I later read that her piercing is fake. Hopefully…

I’m so laughing out loud with more than a good dose of relief.




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