Sad night at the movies

Today, my heart goes out to families and victims that lost their loved ones and are equally injured after the Dark Knight Arises movie massacre. My heart goes out to the ones in the hospital, the police officers, the neighbours and all concerned. My heart goes out to all those who loose in senseless shootings and bombings and I bet the doers believe they have a mission to carry out sensible acts. It is so sad to see such a sad thing mess up such a great, admirable movie night. Movie tirelessly and thoroughly made, looked forward to for months by all movie and hero lovers.

It brings to question issues about gun control all over the world especially in the affected country, America. Should there not be background checks before guns are bought? How many rounds and guns should even be allowed to be bought? Its all so crazy even though it is allowed for self defence and self protection but this is clearly not the case. Whether he is sick or he is evil or just a normal man who pre-meditated and planned his act for months, it is all so horrible to even begin to talk about.

Then again, in Bulgariam  Nigeria, Syria, Uk, Norway, Mexico and so many other nations up experienceing bombs and street shootings. They too experience their own trauma and fear, living each day with it all and being thankful to be alive for the next day.

Is this the way life should be lived? For how long?

I felt happy and touched watching the parents of the four month old baby and a four year old girl on Piers Morgan’s show tonight. I could truly feel their pain. It reminded me of times one would be running away for safety during shootings too.

I felt happier to know that in the hospital, the boyfriend propsed to the mother of his four month old baby’s mother. It was great to know that he realised he would not be anle to live without her and loved her so much that he would not want to ever loose her and let her go. It felt so great to hear and know he did the honourable thing and propose. The twist too is that it took this event, perhaps, he may never have proposed or may have waited for years while she stayed with him. Sigh. So glad she too accepted.

I pray God reaches out to families in America and all over the world. I pray HE reaches those who are ill, who have so many problems, family probles, job issues, academic problems and most especially those who have lost a dead loved one or those who have lost as many as 5 dead loved ones or more. I pray the dead will rest in God’s bossom, dine with the angels and watch over us all with the heavenly bodies. Amen.

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