Admiring Wiggins

Ever since Bradley Wiggins was picked to represent Britain in the competition or tour deFrance, I had keenly followed the news and I must say I was quite impressed and somehow knew that he would win. The news commentators also noted that there was a high possibility towards the end that all that hardwork, focus and energy would pay off.

So when he finally won and I was happy. Gosh, it must feel so great to be a winner in such a race watched by millions of people in the whole world and not just a winner but to become the very FIRST british winner to win the race.

He led with three minutes and twenty – one seconds in the the cycling race. That’s something!

I mean if I were the first Nigerian winner in any competition or even if it is not a competition but just an achievement, I would be so so so glad and feel like my joy would reach way way into the clouds.

I do wish and pray some day I could be a ‘first’ and a real good achiever too.

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