Although, it’s not my country and I’ve no right to vote. I kept the faith and hope on. There were some doubts as I noted how good Romney was and how several people wanted him. My faith was stronger and I believe Obama would get the term. A lot of people believed too and those on that horrid place called sitting on the fence believed too. The more the opponent/challenger gaffed and flip flopped, the more they wanted their president back. The more they thought about their future , the more they knew they would cast their vote again for him. I was totally happy to see he won. I watched it all. From the campaign to the victory speech. I was touched when he shed tears thanking his campaign team for keeping the faith, sticking it out with him and fighting.

Long live such a great man with soul and yet steel. A man of historic changes, charisma and greatness.

I write and wish so much more and absolute greatness for Nigeria and Nigerians. Someday, we would be watched and talked about. We’ve got real great achievers too. I aspire to be like some of these great Nigerians. Someday, we too as a nation will get there. Hopefully soon.

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