I FIND that most human beings suffer from other NON MEDICAL AILMENTS like: not listening (but they hear), low self esteem, inferiority/superiorty complex problem, name trashing, back stabbing and the most popular telling lies daily like drinking water or stories about fellow friends, neighbours, schmates,colleagues, family friends,etc.

If I must point out & be honest, I’ll start wit ppl from Nigeria and other African countries bcos I’ve observed such while living with them, working or schoolin. Really disappointing to find such here abroad too. (Thank God not everyone’s like this). These ppl suffer these ailments as d rest of d world too and the symptoms are so bad that they believe (even those you recently met ) they know you so well or your family background and so expect you should be like them.

If you are different or pull away from their horrid behaviours, then your name, profession, choice of study, looks, the way you walk, eat, sleep, wear ur hair, speak, dress, talk on phone is trashed and if they feel envious and threatened, the worse for you.


The worst with such ailments will usually look INNOCENT, beautiful and handsome and will quickly suck up to u, smile and pretend soon after you are discussed. Some civil and criminal cases of frame ups, killings, quarels and even home videos come to mind- I digress a bit.

Whats really the gain?Live and let live.

Nothing should be forced and life or people must not be just ur own way or ur clique’s/friends ways.

You must learn to live and let live.

You must learn and master how to free people , yes, you must FREE people in all types of circumstances and MASTER how to, withold the tempting bad habits of all of the above that become ailment, rebuild yourselves…we all ought to. We aint perfect but in all these we can try.

We must learn to distance ourselves from people with such chronic ailments and reduce it to simple hellos, bye byes and constuctive discussions if need be and when you meet them.

These are both seen as an ART and NECESSITY-if you fail, keep learning. Learn, live and let live! #awareness and secret keys in life.

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