Not all though. Hold on first and hear me out… Don’t get it twisted. I believe it’s good to be nice, good and to be civil to people around you…
In judging another’s behaviour; at times, it’s NOT about PRIDE as some misconstrue BUT  it’s about Self-RESPECT, SAFETY and MATURITY.
Do not MIX it up. Before you judge, just before you do, be sure that you are not at fault/done no wrong and honestly apologised if any wrong has bn done by you and WHEN people withdraw from you.
If none, be calm and move on, people COME and people, GO!
Be sure that the people you roll with who giv you gist are not ‘garnishing’ it or cooking up ‘new’ stories about a person. It is so easy to believe your people from the same ethnic group, nation, school, office, church/religion, etc.
What if there are two or three sides to a story? What if the victim of constant tales and image tarnishing has good reason to withdraw, to keep everything civil to just normal greetings?
What if they are tired of a person’s habit of image damaging, need to belong, need to make others belong with them or offended wen it does not happen, their lack of vision/focus for or in their life, discriminatory or shallow views/opinions, dirtiness or poor hygiene, laziness, etc.
What if the victim has bn warned by others responsible to b careful and steer clear and keep a good name especially when the ones warning you has now heard from others and are confused about how you can keep bn close friends and keep being nice, keep gisting and yet, stil be d victim of some others cocktails of discussions.
ISN’T it also TRUE that it is easier to understand ppl, issues and events leading to more events wen you have lived with dem from the beginning or basically done anything a couple of times with them and those others involved?
What if they withdraw, (I do not mean quarel or keep malice or those who withdraw wen u face horrid times in life) just bcos they have been hurt, bitten by incredible things they hear about themselves and name calling and so, do not want to hear stories about them from others or even over hear the tarnishers, or to focus on their lives/work/dreams?
Be sure before u judge… Live and let live. We really can never  know but we must know that @ times, it is better to keep away for the sake of self respect and safety while maturely not keeping malice and greeting one another.
Sometimes, I feel for victims in these situations & remind myself  2b warned if / wen I to go through these things in life too.
Yes, SOMETIMES, nice people are not as innocent as they look and can be very pretentious!!!
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