As far as I’m concerned, looked at real life, listened to real & successful folks in business or different professions, read wide & seen things happenin life,

there is absolutely the ‘EXISTENCE’ of short term goals, long term goals and of course, short term exit strategy and long term exit strategy for either the new businesses, acquired business, partnership or even employment.

What works for you may not work for another and is not enough to say that the other does not exist or is unreal.

To DIGRESS a bit from careers, business talks, strategy and entrepreneurship… the shocking but expected end of Chelsea coach:

Dear future FOOTBALL coaches who want CHELSEA coaching job, in NEED of MONEY and not yet seen any or looking for a spot to get known, please, put aside your high principles or goals just make your money, do your best in the coaching and wait for the exit or better steal, exit yourself before it happens. 
just being real

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