EVIL SPIRITS are behind FACEBOOK addiction, quarrels, disagreement, boredom, piracy, stalking, broken relationships and marriages, bosses -snooping –on- employees, toasters checking, assaults , killings, immaturity, depression, notice –me- pass -the –others- pictures-angers rising, not talking to one another on Facebook for  months and YEARS and yet FB friends and once again, Facebook ADDICTIONNN!

If you doubt me, just go and ask Nigeria’s current Power Minister about her recent speech made concerning the ‘Evil spirits behind Nigeria’s darkness and power sector’.  She also called for joint exorcism while addressing African National Congress (ANC) and investors.

Maybe it will work since the nation has tried everything. The news is printed all over and online. Not by me.

If you still doubt, ask her. Ask and you shall receive.

If you want to start defining and decoding if it is literary or figurative or if she is right or wrong, NA YOU SABI O! Ada Justice no sabi chakam.

Pidgin English experts, I paid and passed my course in Pidgin English, so do NOT complain if there are wrong tenses and phrases beyond your exotic taste.

If there are, blame it too on the evil spirits behind Facebook and the lack of exorcism or deliverance on Facebook and of course, Nigerian Power problems.

See all the successful people in Nigeria and all around  the world are driven cum made by the Evil Spirit’s fellow team players, the Illuminati. If you doubt me, ask and see; all those NOT successful and rich whether in entertainment, law, business, sports, media, or not are very innocent. Evil spirits also made them poor to make the others rich. Illuminati only iced the cake.

I didn’t say so. Just ask your neighbor, Facebook friends, classmates, employer or check online-news once anyone is successful and rich or a star, you know who to blame.

No be me talk am. See your life, you done dey conclude for ya mind. No be me o.

After all, the Nigerian ‘man’ (name withheld as unauthorized) while living in Finland  had grave medical issues and he already had an enlarged heart, extremely over weight body, clogged and ready to blow vessels, excess fat around the arteries and then, finally dying from complications of ALL of the above along with terminal lung disease- Lung cancer.

O di egwu- na wa. Phew!

He did not die from surgery complications as there was no surgery but from all of the above. The hospital were freed as they had no hand in mismanaging his treatment or misdiagnosis which is most times is the case for some unlucky Nigerians in Nigeria- Tell me about it!!!

If you oppose that about the hospitals and you have never treated or lost anyone in such cases in Nigeria, talk to my ‘beautiful fingers’. Na you sabi the levels of your own AKPURUKA OLODONESS. I don kia. Mshew.

The hospital had warned him the previous years to cut down on certain things or pay for it soon. I do not think he doubted the doctors but he obviously disobeyed. I do not also know or think he felt he was Superman since many other people over weight or long term smokers with his kind of medical  issues lived to be the age of 80 and above. So why not him.

Me I no just no… na untainted evidence wey dey here for everybody eye.

His lungs were blackened like layers of a chimney or back of the pot and shriveled from 24 years of chain- smoking and  finally like mentioned, he died months ago.

I did not look at the photographs of his organs a second time. Once was enough!!!

The villagers, family and relatives  blamed his death on ‘evil spirits’ from Nigeria with REMOTE  control to Finland and at the same time his wife was blamed for having a hand in all the medical problems and working with the team of Evil spirits!!!

They blamed her, made her do many cultural things, sit in a corner, wear a sack and then,  wear a white clothing always, cut her hair, made her dance, made her swear, made her go to a square and extensively, swear again to different gods and surprisingly, swear; sorry I mean testify in their Christian  church that she had no hand in her loving husband’s death.

Strangely, she survived. Or luckily. Coincidence. I no come no…

They took away some of their things and fought physically with her before and after the burial. For this 21st century kwa. Psychologically, the physical fights not fought seemed worse. They also went to the gods-chief priests and reported them of the evil spirits in Nigeria along with the wife being one of them.

Noteworthy ; one of the ‘man’s brother’s wife died last year after ill health and he was praised as a good husband and  a TRUE son of the soil, she was given a proper burial for a ‘normal’ woman and he married another wife a month later with wedding celebrations properly done many months later. Except two siblings, the ‘man’s three brothers and two  sisters are also over weight and suffering from severaaaaaaaaaal medical problems with the youngest sister seriously diabetic as it was revealed.

I am not the doctor who performed autopsy on the ‘man’ in Finland or also, the second doctor  who performed autopsy in Nigeria in the concluding family/property case as it revealed the same results of the above medical causes of his death.

I am only an innocent reader, writer, researcher and investigator. Other times, I am many other good, great things in talents and other careers. Na there God do overwork. If you no like as Im dey and if you doubt Baba God handworks or His existence, na you kuku sabi!

If you are looking for the name of this man or his existence, you are ON your own.

Reason, there are so many men and women with the above similar stories and so you can make do with the different true life stories in your villages or cities while the above remain so.

Maybe, I will convince the family to release everything when you find out the evil spirits behind Nigeria’s darkness.  If you want to also doubt the Hon. Minister, walai, eziokwu m you are on your own.

No fall hand as you just dey doubt. See what happened to Thomas in the bible. He was the only one that doubted his nose and eyes.

Me?  I no dey. ‘No case submission’ don full ground already if u still dey oppose. Na you sabi.

I’m not contesting with anyone or arguing.

I no-no for all of una and the evil spirits abroad, in Nigeria and on social media. I just no sabi o.

Na all of una sabi truth pass me wella.

Wetin small girl like me from Nimo sabi?


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