Boots: The New Mood Ring! or How to Tell Your Woman’s Mood from Her Boots

Crossroads of the Heart

*Readers!* Sorry for the delay.  I actually haven’t been skipping out on writing, but I’ve been writing for somebody else (as well as here)! Cheater!  I’ll hopefully be sharing links to those guest posts with you in the next couple of weeks.

Carry on…

I think I was in elementary school / early middle school when I received my first mood ring.  Do you remember those things?  I’m pretty sure they rocked.  No matter what day, time, or circumstances were going on in my life, my ring was always blue…  Hmm.

Regardless of the ring’s inability to change, I remember thinking that I always wanted it to be a ‘happy’ color because then maybe the boys would see me as a happy ol’ gal.  On second thought, I’m not sure why I cared.  I’m almost positive that they were not paying any attention to the stinkin’ ring.  Plus, this was…

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