In order to be happy and free even if it means utmost pain, we must let go of people who cause us hurt and are especially both toxic and useless to our progress, health and mind. Man, woman, lover, normal buddies, childhood friends, school mates, colleagues, etc. Let go. So, I preach on rather than quote known verses and words you would love to hear.

Let go of them all in that TOXIC list; subtract yourself or let them fly away when they wish to or as they wish to.

Quit trying to mend or hold on to the thread of whatever it is.

A time will come when their absence is so much better than their presence! Let go in such a way that you remember rarely if you can. Concentrate on positive, great and happy thoughts even if they seem so far out of your reach. Keep trying while you let them go.

Again, a time will come when you will, if you don’t still see, really see their absence and disappearance as a true blessing. Believe you have been saved. Trust me. Begin to live again, if you can.

Remember, it is not all people in your life that are in that list and you are neither keeping malice nor growing anger and grudges like a gardener growing his cherished seeds!!! Know that!

Learn the difference!

Learn the art!!!

Focus on you, what will work and at least, dreams rather than toxic people or wrongs done. Quite hard though.

Live and let live!

Free and be freed!

Only the strongest does the above not the weakest!!!

We must still yet learn to leave an open mind. To welcome people and yet, focus our energy on those worth it and on those who truly care even if you do not care that much in return. At least, reciprocate and show them you are appreciative and can ‘see’ them. Later on, some things wished for in life may just fall into place.

Good or bad folks; you do not know who you’d meet that may hold the key to what you need or where you may go into. So free yourself of the bondage and at least, forgive them and yourself too.

Forgive, you must and an absolute must; learn the lessons it all taught you and move on! Keep your sense of logic to guide and help move on but be human and kind to people especially those others worthy in your life .

I mostly mean those other people you so often do not ‘see’ even when they are next to you, a few or many miles away. Appreciate them. Tell them kind and loving words if you mean it and they are worth it. Start now. I started when I was a child to tell people I cherished so much that I did and show them with all my heart. My parents did so to us using constant words of love and pride in us everyday.

It may not be the same with you or your parents but you can learn, relearn and unlearn many things in life. Say those great and kind words, any of the words and show the ones you cherish that you do. Show more.

It pays!

When you leave or they leave or hurt you, they know you’ve done no wrong. When and if you bury any loved one who may be family or not, you know atleast, the love, bond, friendship and fondness was never wasted, hidden and shared. Life is short and you do not know whose turn it is to bow out of this world, so appreciate while alive and not when dead.

Time heals, may heal, may not heal, may heal very rarely permanently or may heal temporarily and only to remind you of how deep a gash or gashes in life are. That time heals is just a saying that has worked for some or most people and not ALL people. It has become so easy for people to throw in the advice of time heals and all that like cheap talk.

It has become a saying often used like saying a person is cute which is not really true about all persons and just generally saying the time heals just like that without understanding the degree of the persons’ devastations or walking in their exact shoes. People say they truly understand but it is only the idea of it that they do. So few get it and know it. Time heals is not as exact as needing air and water too but when and if it works, it rocks!

I give it to some folks fighting and trying in certain times for decades to heal and it doesn’t work. Please, they should keep on because they’ve got nothing to loose. Hard but they should. We all should.

Time heals is a wonderful and convenient saying which is easier said like drinking a cup of tea because it usually takes the cold and perhaps, hunger away.

Time heals is most times a saying that sometimes, works and truly not rocket science or gravity.

While we search for truths and meanings in life and find content in the ones we’ve found, may we all get the strength we need to deal with life’s challenges, gruelling and heart ripping grievings of burying so many loved ones, sadness over trusted long or short friendships of our pals, pains from bleak, mean endings that blow the brains from a love or something that looks like it and generally, from life’s desires and several trials to accomplish many things and dreams unaccomplished and finally, truly heal.

The ability, the strength. The power. Yes, God created us all as equals but by now we know it’s truly, really actually not same at all! Now, don’t get it twisted but read these lines, in between, above and under.

So this strength. This will. The power. The luck. The favour. The strength… physical and spiritual… Strength! Strength! Strength!

That strength to do all of the above remains the ultimate that leads to many more doors to real, deep things in life. May we be able to let go of toxic and useless people living who especially remain toxic in other people’s lives.

If some or everything has worked for you in life, raise the glass, cheers, clap for yourself, rejoice or go and thank who or whatever you believe in or not. Yes, we believe in so many things and it’s hard to change a convinced person anyway… Beliefs in God, different kinds of gods, in ourselves, in others, in animals, in trees, in nothing! (Endless list) Thank that or relish anyway.

Meditate, look back, plan, forge ahead, be thankful, imagine, do things, take a deep breathe or break and slow the speed, clean the tears, weep some more, stop and stop, start up life again, be thankful, wield the strength or seek it. Seek the strength. If you can’t do all of the above, be blank inside if you can. It’s better than rage, pain, pity or regrets.

Loads of folks rejoicing… loads of folks sad and in pain… loads equally alright with nothing to be exceptionally happy or sad about. What a world.

Remember, it’s turn by turn!

Seek within for the strength or else where…

It’s turn by turn in many of life’s issues so live in the moment of your joys, content and success and if you don’t have them yet, hold on (if you can), keep on at that need for the continuous strength and hope. It will all come someday hopefully.

That strength to do all of the above and more remains the ultimate that leads to many more doors to real, deep quality things in life. Find the strength. Just do it. Look within and find it in you and in other things worth it or in Who or what you believe in.

The strength especially within will avenge, revenge, protect and will see you through life forever.

Find it. Wish for it. Pray on it. Seek it. Hold it. The strength and it’s positive tidings.

It is a diamond forever!!!


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