Dont be full of condemnation

For heaven’s sakes, dont condemn ALL Nollywood movies, Nigerian music, fashion or literature or their actors/actresses, singers, writers, designers, etc. Yes you, you indoors, you behind the computer screen, holding your mobile, you all over social media, you at the gatherings, you here and there. There is just so much uptightness, conservatism and disgust. So much crucifying and self righteousnes…s. I am not saying you should lie or hide your feelings. I dont. Dont get it twisted because I’m a critique and analyse too. For a change, say the ones u like! Even if it’s only a percentage in each of the above industry, talk about them, promote. Tell the world outside of your roots about these Nigerians in the industries. If you are generous enough, preach about these ones you like with the same energy you use to condemn the others!
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