For a while, I was in trance -and I actually I wrote, composed and sang/performed the sound track of D’jango Unchained, Les miserables, etc…but I don’t have malaria. Sigh Then, I slept shortly and dreamlessly but only for a tiny, little while. Then, I … Dreamt that I fell in truely, blessedly and madly in love but didnt go ‘mad’ and married him… I seriously did not see his face at all in the dreams or the looks of our children who grew older at different times. GOOD LORD! Sometime ago, I dreamed I was a Bond girl, in Boston Legal and a Nigerian action movie. I didnt have malaria. Gosh, these dreams… CHI M O… Dreamt I owned or was it … bought some entrepreneurial companies, law firms, brands and invested here and there. Dreamt I won competitions in… Dreamt I’s wealthy… Dreamt I was multi-tasking  with hobbies and careers and flipping loving it. Dreamt I was back again on Champs elysees street, Eiffel tower, Canal St Martin, Brandenburger gate, Alexander Platz, Karl Marx allee, etc  all at once. I dreamed a dream song in my head… Mixed dreams now and then and all coming back like some Avenger assemble thingy. Only me. Wetin I do? I’ve been good o. Done nothing wrong. It’s 5.37 am, saturday or sunday…? REALITY STINKS LIKE SSSSHIITTT! CAN SOMEBODY FRIGGING ‘SLAPWAKE’ ME THE HELL UP. DAMN!
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