Su'eddie in Life n' Literature

(for my sister, Sefa Renay Charles-Ayede…)sefa

She said we are twins differed by a few years…
yes, she the little rascal clipping off her hair at intervals.
I could tell her tale over and over but what more do I say? I think of her today again remembering those years – twenty – when I waited with Dadi, our Dadi and got to the hospital to welcome her, my dear lovely sister.

Dadi sure was proud to always show you off. And each year he tried to make each day for you special.
Yes, Mumi Esta too… she does too, and her smile in pride even when she disagrees at your headstrong position shows her total love.
You haven’t been the most incredible baby or lady I’ve ever seen
but you definitely have been one of the greatest to cross my path.
Your entry to this earth was…

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