I remember in my Federal secondary school days one day saying repeatedly and unrepentantly,  ‘shit it’. My teachers around and some guests frowned at me and then soon after, they all began to laugh at the situation. Our car, during an outside trip broke down in the middle of nowhere. We were getting hungry. The exact place and event eludes me… 
Remembering lots of trips, times and visits we had representing the school and participating in activities. Remembering lights out, assemblydinning, and seniors catching one. Shit it rolls out in whispers and honest apologies for being caught late. Good old days.

I miss uni and law school days too. Amazing and tough times too. Maybe someday, I’ll miss school days abroad too. I don’t know about that…

I just realised how lucky Mugabe is and said shit it. You’re thinking-damn he’s still alive. I can read your mind. He’s been getting happy birthdays on twitter.

My neighbour’s close relative and one of her friends are both ill in the hospital. She hates shit it. They gave her another bad news on phone for a third person in same house with her yesterday and she said shit it. She said she’s tired of praying, crying and running around. She’s drained and pregnant with her third child.

I smiled and told her praying and doing her best might be the only things that’ll keep her going. We prayed together even though they aint Christians. I nodded along their religious prayer. My God understands tolerance. They later asked me to say my prayers and three Catholic prayers before they left for the hospital visits. I did and did so from my heart. They said amen. Tears threatening to roll down their eyes.
  I believe their people’s worsening health will turn around soon. Perhaps, today or tomorrow. I need to believe it desperately for them at least. It’s got to happen.

Life, actions and faith might just be all one’s got.

Some folks so young; a day old,  ten , twenty, thirty or less than sixty-five years are dying.  Not even reaping fruits of their labours or their children’s or seeing the beautiful world or it’s ugliness. Sigh.

Life. Too short yet long enough.

Anyways, live a little. Love your company. Love other people’s company. Appreciate what they do even if you don’t love or like it.
Seriously or not, If you shut your self inside a self righteous, narcissistic, uptight  shell against some great movies, novels, journeys, stories in life because it’s not 370 percent morally high for you, you could really miss so much in life and miss loads of points. Are you then better off than others from that high horse? You don’t need to answer me.

Different strokes. I know… We cant be the same. We ought not to. Variety’s good.

If you haven’t passed through crap and grief in life like the person next to you or two streets away from you or houses away from you house in your home town, you’ll never understand. You think you do. You only have an idea that you do understand pain and grief.

  Lighten up folks. Live a little. Fight less. Fight constructively.

Change jobs if you can afford to. Go somewhere new.
Wear you hair up, down, long, natural, braids or in weaves/wigs.
Eat that food and pretend in your heart it’s from   Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athenee restaurant in Paris. Buy that stuff you need. Come on…You’ve been saving forever. Walk like your Gisele, Tyra, Naomi, Cara , etc even if you look nothing like them. Ok, I’ve gone too far? Cool, just walk good and keep your head up. Be you. Walk you walk. It will be alright soon. I do the ‘Sandra’ glam walk anyway-on a lighter note.

Speak your mind always. Be bold. Hold no bars. Don’t give a damn!
People will always talk about you.
Some will care.
Some will hate your guts or style.
Hold some thoughts you want to speak back.
Did you succeed in doing so a few times in life and never regretted it? Well done.

Party with loved ones and family in your home. Make it low budget. Party for once in your life, biko.
Party out.
Stroll and pretend it Champs Elysees avenue, those nice Lekki or Abuja streets.
You can’t? Fine.

Love a little if you can or if you’re lucky to find any.
Love someone. Let them love you.

You have no one? You aint alone either. Have something that looks like love even if it’s just for flowers or  the things you believe in.

Enjoy your weekend.   Dalu nu .

*waves the thank-God-it’s- a-Friday-rant-flag.

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