Daily dose of optimistic pills

Sometimes, you get or win business deals and at other times, you don’t or worse still, loose the ones you got. You know the reasons. Other times, you don’t and you’re left in the dark.


Sometimes, you’ve got love and relationship/marriage, sometimes , it’s lost or ended . Sometimes, you find yourself not even there; either single or yet to find it all whether as a man or woman. You might have an idea why it’s all happening. Other times, you don’t and you’re left in the dark.


Sometimes, you make friends (I don’t mean FB, Twitter, blog , school, home town, clients. It starts from somewhere though. I earnestly mean friends/friendship-the real , true deal) and other times they lose you or you loose them or just lose even the great ones you had. There are reasons- people grow, change, have preferences, value you less or do so much wrong. Other times, you don’t know why and you’re left in the dark.


Sometimes, you have loved ones breathing, hale , happy and healthy and at other times you find yourself on the other deep, dark side with them dead and gone with the wind; in your face- Vavoom or slowly, in your arms, six feet under. Just gone! You crack your head to find out why it is you. Why it happens. Sometimes, you know. Other times, you don’t and you’re left in the dark.


Sometimes, you have happiness and health and at other times, you are down and out, you face disappointments and adversities of all kinds and funnily it does happen to you, to you and to you and yes, to you who even with that amazingly positive mind and strong , unshakeable faith witnesses these show downs and stumbles. You know it’s true. Sometimes, you know the reasons. Other times, you don’t and left in the dark.


Do you remember some successful folks? Make the random list in your head. What’s success? You already know. Take a pick on the definitions. The achievement, the impacts, the money, the wealth, the fulfilment, that signature, that autograph, that face or smile or deed that reels in millions and achievements even if not cashed in millions and trillions.

Do you remember random stories and folks like Einstein, J.K. Rowling, Naija’s Gani, Halle Berry, Henry Ford, E.L. James, Tyler Perry, Quentin Tarantino, Maya Angelou, Ben Affleck, Emeli Sande, Jerry Bruckheimer, Soichiro Honda, Disney, Bill Gates, Steven Spielberg, Elvis Presley, Michael Jordan, even our amazing P Square, Genevieve Nnaji, Amaka Igwe ,Kunle Afolayan, Toyin Subair and loads of others. Create more list. They are many.

They all had their dark , bleak days too and real tough times. It took just a day for their loved or unloved success stories to stun the world. For their times and times of those managing them, working with/for them  or in their families to shine.


Do you have dreams? Do you have many dreams? Don’t stop dreaming.

 Do you have goals? I mean more than nine? Several?  Cool.

Narrow it down to two or five if you can. Start on any of  which you feel can yield more stuff for you first, and your loved ones. Just generally yield something which can then hopefully spin in to more things for more goals and dreams to roll on and be real.


Don’t close that able mind of yours. Leave it open for a slight or huge swing of an open door or doors when it shows up. It could come in different ways, packages and many faces.


Can we all hold on? Not go down and keep pushing hope and every other necessary alive? Let’s do. Don’t cry. Oh crap. Shit on that pride; Cry and get released-man or woman but don’t dwell on.


Believe in you, in your God or on the other hand, whatever you choose to believe in or not believe in.

Believe in you once again, in your abilities and the belief in the fact that some others do or will finally believe in you.


If you are going through grieves, losses, failures and disappointments in life, remember that some people including some of those people advising you and pulling you out may be going through much worse! There are varying degrees of losses or grief (everyone or story ain’t same)! Trust me, they may not say so to you or tell you everything  and on the contrary, pictures do lie at times.


Time may never ever heal (Fighters will fight me on this rather than read in between). Forget the beautiful quotes and anthem. Sometimes, time doesn’t heal.  Life at times aint down with the one way track or anthem always. Time may open up scars or give the painful nudge once in a while even in the midst of those achievements. For a lot of people with other degrees of pain and grief, it may heal or the painful memories reduced. Perhaps, a miraculous ‘amnesia’ on these troubles helps too drives by.


We all hope time heals and it’s always sweet and easy when you roll it out your lips to those in pain. I pray time heals all though. Time may not heal your pains and disappointments but find it within you or on to something to keep striving, find it within to move on, get up when you fall, find it within to take some sort of daily optimistic pill.


It’s alright.


May be not now but someday, you are gonna be alright and see it is finally alright.

 Then you will have the real cause or reason to say, “Yes, it’s my turn to shine and smile!”

Before it actualises, tell yourself, whisper to yourself that it’s alright and you’re winning or you’ve won. Ridiculous right? Just go on and do it.

That’s two tablets of an optimistic pill. Find the rest and if possible have an over dose of it.

All of the above words are some sort of concotion; just a few  teaspoons of logic, some crushed tablets of encouragement and  capsules of optimistic pills.


*Happy weekend folks. I’ve got on as always the Nwadi glam smile, glam catwalk and I’m so waving the happy weekend flag for you and I.

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