Dear people, when you copy and paste, rewrite, write, print or publish anybody’s written works, original compositions or status or tweets, essays, poems, stories or just any write up, the GREATESTS thing you can do FOR YOURSELF and the world is to write the name of the ORIGINAL WRITER!


Give credit to the original writer. It does not matter that the writer is award- winning or not, known or unknown, highly place or not, a stranger or your sibling. None matters whatsoever; credit the original writer. These things when done or acknowledged show that YOU ARE a self-respecting, bold, dignified, reputable person with confidence and high esteem!!!


Don’t go the other way round and be so low. Don’t even try to be in that ‘pretentious or ignorant’ yacht. Get off it!!! I see people do these things online and off line and it doesn’t speak well of you to discredit the writer, fool the world and act as though the works online or on print are yours.


Some people have even disagreed with me when we discuss these things ignoring the fact that there exists not only self –respect on your part but intellectual property on the writers’ part and law suits or just disappointments/quarrels brewing when shit goes down.


This ain’t cool.


Learn! Change! Unlearn! Relearn!


Thanks y’all.


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