Do not believe or choose sides with someone simply because the person has been very good to everyone ‘you’ know including yourself or has a good title or status. It is very good to listen with the intent of analysing unbiased, understanding and finding solutions if there are any RATHER than with the intent to attack, reply or choose sides.


For instance, you cannot believe a lecturer/s are so amazingly great and INFALLIBLE simply because they are white (or perhaps in few cases, the only great blacks or Asians) and have been competent in their jobs, nice  and then when a single, peaceful , good student(or even a troublesome student) complains, you take sides and say the student might have got something wrong.


Will you still take SIDES when you realise that the student has called up everyone, complained to everyone more than twelve times and filed more than 4 reports to the tribunals, all HODs, appeals, VC and is ready to go to high or magistrate court with loads of documentary evidences and recordings of his or her complaints/ grievances of neglect, victimisation or unfairness. Will you? Will you still believe when you see that those reported to are baffled and on the student’s side? Will you?

Make your logical and analytical judgements in life situations and stand your grounds for the TRUTH. It surely pays even though there are risks.

 Or do you want to wait to see the student constantly cry, fall sick, grieve on  and finally physically or academically destroyed before you believe?


Humans love singing praises a lot WHEN dead and destroyed. Had -I-known is such a frigging , damn sucker anthem.


Love and help a fellow human (sibling, spouse, relative, neighbour, colleague, schoolmate, comrade, etc) when alive. Loud and clear again- when ALIVE.

Do you know you can actually be kind even if you find it impossible to ‘love’ or be extremely ‘nice’?

Again for those you value (and probably, who value you too), love and say it all. SAY how you feel and appreciate them when alive and at any chance you get. Hold no bars. Hold a few thoughts back at times. Yet, help and let those you appreciate know you love and care-my parents thought me that and you can’t contest that it is wrong to do so or unnecessary too. If you disagree, fine!


It is good to trust in good people and to trust in one another or those you like but you must know that sometimes, people change; gradually or quickly. You must remember that people are not flawless or infallible of mistakes.


A mistake is a mistake.

A crime is a crime.

A sadistic deed is as good as the two and equally worth checking of the doer’s mental health.

 Yes, the Nigerian system of education is quite down but it is not totally out. It is not all schools that are ruined or hopeless in Nigeria. It is not all lecturers that are hopeless, boring, lacking in teaching ability, principles and all. You must not stereotype and condemn every single one of them. At least, not until you travel around the world and see other places, observe and see that sometimes, shit also goes down outside your nation.


I always believe in EXCEPTIONS.

I speak from life experiences and from experiences of those other people in shoes that I do not even wear or have ever won.



Again, on issues of education, nations, professions, marriages, ethnicity, etc, don’t even stereotype until you research, investigate, study, work, live with, mix up with different tribes, people, in different countries , universities, companies (and even attend stuff in schools that you did not register in or companies you ain’t working in, just to observe).

It will pay to enrich and broaden your MIND!


When you observe with an unbiased mind and analyse, you too will see in the instance given that sometimes, the system of education, administration and lecturers in a few schools abroad like in UK are flawed and can break the heart into tiny, little pieces.


Really people, we do have some real good faculties in some of your own different nations and in my nation, Nigeria (Yea, yea, I know it’s sorta a huge mess with national issues, corruption and development-tell me about it). Don’t just cross everybody out in an institution, tribe or country.

Each nation’s got their OWN demons though some are much lesser!

 There are some real, amazing, principled, lecturers in Nigeria who will speak up for the truth, who will teach in such a way that you will remember certain topics forever. Yes, we have them in Nigeria and a few other countries.

Never say never. We may have issues and these exceptions may be 5%, 10% or 30 % or what ever you deem it fit but they do exist.


I speak to you to see truth in all aspects of life, to appreciate what you have, to make use of your senses in analysing issues and to make use of talents (even if you feel it’s useless or not money making) you have too. Everyone’s ‘GOT’ talents by the way, even if it’s just to smile and appear on a TV show/event to increase the show’s ratings, that could be your talent while for others it is to sing, talk, write, build, compile, counsel, coach, run, solve, defend, aid, organise,  etc.


That’s my Palm Sunday preachings for you. Do good deeds and act on it. That’s the best form of preaching too. That way, the quotes of your different religious books and values in life will apply.


Would you say you forgive and yet, take away what you’ve offered to someone initially especially when you disagreed on just honest values, corrections and principles?

People will wrong you and step on you but dear folks, FORGIVE and MOVE ON.

It will be hard and almost UNNATURAL to forget it all like one who has amnesia.

 However, forget it in such a way that you no longer bear grudges or anger but remember the lessons it thought you. 

Always remember those lessons. Absolutely necessary.


Do you NEED quotes and more preachings, you’d have got all that from your private reading, researches and today’s places of worship I believe.

Bless you all. Have a great week.

-Sandra Nwadi

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