May 10th. May10th.
No plans. None absolutely.
Loads to do, loads to accomplish.
I ignore the sighing pangs. I will not sigh.
May 10th. Blessed and glorious day; Will I be suprised?
Will I rock it and blow out a candle or more? Do I woo myself. Or pamper me? Maybe not.
Maybe yes; Yes. I will!
So many heart desires and plans unfulfilled. A certain hug Above. Riches. Love. Stuck. Chaos. Plans. Peace. Tears. Silence. Dreams. Emotions. Brilliance.
I think of the dead. I dream and miss them.
I miss them so much a great part of me is gone.
Gone, gone, gone.
Don’t preach. I work daily on me, to perfect what He made and shed the luggage. Baggage?
May 10th…May 10th. Not quite here.
That day; like a nudge, a wift, a reality click and a pinch, a sweet reminder to try to ignore life’s pains, griefs, down pour of disappoints
and most especially, to remember, I’m not yet taken.
I’m still here. Each day that day, I will still be here and reborn.
Maybe daily. Maybe in all months. May be in Mays.
Thankfully, I thank the heavens!

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