I believe in love;
true love.
I believe in love;
It’s existence and all it stands for in trying times even if rare
Like an orange, pink and purple moon.

What is rare?
What never happens?
Can you close the minute or huge gap
In your head and disbelief?
Can you cross that bridge
to the other side of free spirits?
Can you be one and let go?
Will you loose a coin or your soul
If you never believed and it never existed?

I wouldn’t.

True love may not or may never rain in everybody’s neighbourhood
But at least,
It exists like rain, sun, moon and air.

Just like the ones who couldn’t live without each other,
It would have doomed them to do so-
The ones who fell in love,
married, birthed and live for my siblings and I.
Just like the ones you, you and you over there know too.

So yes and again,
Like an undying anthem,
Like a broken record
and like a nuisance
and the inspiring, passionate buskers on the streets,
I will sing on and say on,
Breathe it and out that
I do strongly believe in love.
It’s existence;
The sheer, mahoosive power and the impact it has forever!       

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