Long. Short.

The varied and endless lists

defining love.

Hearts and lives

toiling to find it’s meaning

or presence in their lives

or reality in existence.

They search on.

You do.

I don’t; I already know.

I Believe.



All in all; Love is good.

True love is true and deep.

The love we give to the ones we love most and cherish, the needy

And the ones who wronged us, the ones who hurt us

And asked that we forgive or not, the ones who forgot us, the ones that left,

The toxic ones we let go of, the ones we love that are dead and gone,

The ones here that we care about and pray for.

The list goes on.

Then, the love of God is good and true

 With all of the added love as noted.


It will test you. It may ruin you


It will keep you a winner, a survivor and most superior.


Love is good and real.

God is love and the love we give Him, give to others and to ourselves matters!

Love is love!!!

Love is all!!!



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