The Girl Who Lives

The truth is society has always placed us on a pedestal. The woman is an object constantly on display. And so she secretly wonders when she struts by: Am I pretty enough? Smart enough? Thin enough? Voluptuous enough? Intelligent enough? Funny enough? Enough enough?

It is a conditioning that starts as early as ‘fair’ maidens like Snow White and Cinderella stealing the hearts of princes with ‘beauty’ and inspiring them to go out of their way for them.  It takes conscious effort, lifelong work, in my opinion, to fight feelings of inadequacy. Unfortunately, some are convinced (as I once was), as the media would have us believe, that when we meet this guy, this Prince Charming, we will be validated. He will confirm those words that we’ve always craved and doubted we’d ever hear: ‘you are enough’. But then the trouble becomes, how do I reel in Prince Charming? So…

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