A certain group of  people in the world cannot love and cannot let themselves be loved.


Some people are terribly afraid of themselves falling without knowing it and afraid of love and care.


The safest love for them if it exists will always be their first family- Parents and siblings.

That is if the love and awareness of it exists.


They will never believe other people’s true intentions and to be fair to them, the world is filled with unreal people and worse still, unstable people who blow hot and cold.


They will scrutinize you and doubt openly or within all of what you profess in varying ways or forms.

You will never be enough for them.


Rare times, they are sure it is not you that they love or will ever love for life.

Rare times.

You don’t have to be Einstein to know that.


If you don’t know and keep loving, you do so at the risk of a torn and unhealed heart and you pushing this love is akin to nuisance.

Yes, there is also love and care nuisance.

Not just noise.


With time, your nuisance becomes pollution too.

Well, someone invented the quote and said ‘never give up’  but you have to do so at times!

Maybe, pick up somewhere later or never.

Draw the lines in actions for the love and the sake of sanity, peace of mind and growth.



Some people are not capable of loving or accepting love whether it is love displayed, implied, written boldly on a printed A4 paper or on billboards.


They can’t see.

They  look and watch with open eyes but can’t see.

Their hearts are closed and do not have eyes.


Hearts with eyes can love and be loved.

A few people have an over abundance and reservoir of love.

It is over flowing.

It is a treasure.


Those who can’t love or allow to love  just can’t.

They try at times. Some struggle and really try.

Some don’t.

You have to understand them.

It is what it is!

They don’t know what to do with the love.

If they do have an idea, they are not sure of what they want or if they want that love or when they might want it.


They are usually not ready.

Excuses, distractions and procrastinations are their best conscious and unconscious work of art towards being ready for it or for anything.


They are just incapable of loving back and letting you love them.

In the end, they settle for less or make their minds mentally believe what they later settle for is the best.

Well, belief works.

Sometimes, they never do.


 Yes, there are men and women like this.


They can’t love but may; they just may like or care a bit or a lot.

Sex might be ultimate for them but for absolute pleasure or killing of boredom or pro-creation.


They never really have the sex with another for deep care or love or ‘something like love’.


Making love is unknown to them.

Loving with or without the act of love making is unknown too.

Maybe, just the idea.

Incapabilities and excuses rules their heart and the day.



These men and women just have no idea what to do with the love.


Yes, there are indeed men and women like this. Sadly.

It is sorrier if you find yourself in the neck of the grey clouds in love or deeply loving such a woman or man.


What a sorry, sorry, sad sad world.

What a sweet, sweet, loving, loving, world.

Ugly world. Beautiful world.


Make your choice against all odds.

Which is it?


By all means do choose and live.

Live on each day.

Keep your head up.

Live on each day.


Swim in life’s tide’s of programmes.

Seek it. Go with it. Define it. Redefine it.


Dance often.

Dance if you can in the storms and pains.

Dance in happy times.

Look for a certain line and twinkle and hold on to that in anything;

There might little glow of a rainbow only you can see.

Hold on to that line and glow.

Don’t let it go.





Think back through yesterdays, yester years-learn your lessons.


Keep the good, sweet memories of people and events.


Let go of yourself.


Move on… to anything. Something.

Move on in life.

Try to see but don’t let the gallops affect you much in life’s ride.




In issues of life and love, you have no choice but to look after certain things

Or live in perpetual hurt and pain from people you care about or things.

So please, find a way and

Look after your heart.

Look after your brain.


Yes, look after your heart and brain.

As you do your cars or shoes or money.

Take care of them.


So when you do, remember that someday if not already, it will be your time to shine and win!!!

Remember that I told you so!



O ga a di nma. It will get better.

O di ba go nma. It is getting really better.


(Sharing  my  piece/speech  life, literature and music groove  held in Hammersmith yesterday.)

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