18/9/2013: 8.17am

I woke up today feeling a bit like crap and so sleepy.
With thoughts about my future and plans.
Okay, with extra honest thoughts of waking up in some spa in Singapore
or LA while my assistants handled the business for the day in my two companies
in my head.

Yea, I know I shoulda gone to sleep after helping to organise and emcee an event in Chelsea area.
Then, I got in so late and started reading a David Baldacci novel and then, slept through watching Sarah Brightman’s and Andrea Bocelli’s concert videos.

Luckily, the folks I’m supposed to see called early and cancelled the appointment for later in the evening. Well, early morning hunger got me outta bed and straight to the kitchen.
  A quick gammon spicy sauce chops with celery and asparagus I’d made two days ago did it for me.
Left overs well kept can be real fun.
Imagine buying that in an Italian restaurant when I made it right down to a certain recipe.
Maybe, twenty or thirty five pounds bill.

After eating, I went outside to get stuff from the stores. In my shorts, top, flip flops and curly braids flying around with no make up. 
I couldn’t careless.

This little kid of about six years looked me and smiled then, said to me, ‘you are very
I said thank you darling and you are a handsome boy with lovely blue eyes and so much beautiful hair.’ He smiled shyly.

His little sister of about four years peeked behind her mum and smiled at me. I too, hid behind the things I picked up along with a newspaper, then uncovered my face and smiled back. The little girl then told her pretty mum,
‘I like her!’ and turned to me and said, ‘I just want to be as beautiful as you when I grow up. ‘

I squatted to her height and said, ‘You are already beautiful and you’ve not grown up. You do speak so smart. Do give me a hi five.’

The mum said to me that it must be a good day as they were sometimes, grumpy in the morning towards strangers.

I just fell in love with the kids but then, I fall for so many kids. Children are so beautiful. I felt much better and good. I had a glamorous bounce back in my steps.

They were on their way out and the little child gave me paper gun, she said I made it for anyone I like that I would meet. Keep it by your window and the fairies and angels will use it to protect you.

I just turned to the mum and asked if I could have her or her son. We all laughed including the other shoppers. Some of the shoppers said to me kids where like spirits and one other did say I looked beautiful. I laughed and forgot I’d just woken up in shorts and flip flops. 

I took the paper gun, kissed it in front of them and told her thank you.

We said our bye byes.

Then, I got to my room and placed the gun by my window. It doesn’t matter that it is so childish. No, I can be kiddy and silly. It doesn’t matter. It took back to years when I had to fly around for my younger brothers like in the movie, Super Girl in a cape using mum or dad’s house coat or do Cat Woman moves or
  play football and have them laugh and teach me the real way to kick like Messi or jump around like a clown with make up or read an old story to my brothers that they had hear before-

No, it doesn’t matter because when kids ask you to do stuff and you love them and love what you do, you just do it.

So, I placed the gun near my window and put it next to an Eiffel tower figurine just so it wont fall off.

I know the lovely magical fairies and my guardian angels are gonna use it turn by turn to do what they wanna do.
I sat down,  wrote this down, showered, dressed up, wore my boots , got my bag and out on time to the bus stop for my bus straight to Wimbledon to start what’s been planned for the day.

Feeling real good, loved and glamorous.
No longer crappy.

Love in the eyes of kids, simply amazing. Forever. From childhood till whenever, it’s same for me and kids, some bond. Cant tell why or how.
They all see right through me.
Me too.

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