My music review of ‘Elastic Heart’ by Sia featuring The Weekend and Diplo

Ever since the release of this song on the 1st of October, 2013, I’ve found myself falling extremely in love with the song. Well, I fell in love with it from the very first listening. Thanks to BBC Radio 1! Everything about the song blew my mind away!

Here is why below.

This song is simply a top, classic, a slight electro-synth pop, exotic sounding ballad with a bit of up tempo, yet calm, ambient melody and ethereal fuse. 


I hope I got it all right with the descriptions but that is absolutely how it does feel to me.

To crown and absolutely solidify all of the above, the song has a wealth of literary waves that engulfs you through and through. Its rich and deep lyrics too not all gets you thinking but also creates a certain kind of imagery.  The chants repeated will touch your ‘soul’.

This song is the new Hunger Games movie sound track,  ”Elastic Heart”   by Sia featuring  The Weekend and Diplo.  It’s a real top, replayable banger.

Might be addictive for some people too. The lyrics maybe difficult to sing along to especially the first verse for those who love only easy on the ears, bubble gum songs. It’s just great in all ways for me though.

It was composed by Sia and then produced by Diplo together with Greg Kurstin.


Click the Youtube link below and have a listen.

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