If someone or certain people mean the world to you and you LOVE and VALUE them, you will not only reciprocate and/or keep in touch (not just limiting it through the ‘cheap bubble gum, easy-peasy-lazy’ means of social media and any form of tech-chats) but MOSTLY to hold on to them, seek or search for them and keep them for life.

Tomorrow is always pregnant!!!

One day, you will know a lot. All days, some will never know. Some will never get it or not ‘want’ to.

At times, you deal loved ones the sugar coated or worse still, the acrid, fermented, acidic left over trash, cold food half cooked and minus the approximate half of the average calculation of a half hearted cooking and a dead, cold shoulder, pushing them to their stretched, broken human limits; up against the brick wall-then they hold their heads high, quit showing so much care even if they still do care and flee.

Flee, flee, flee!

Yet, preferences matter and can’t exactly be blamed or anyone have love, value and friendship forced in life.
No, it can’t.
For it to be true, it can’t and shouldn’t be forced.
No contesting that.

Well, tomorrow remains the ever pregnant one.
Too pregnant.
Ever ending birthing.

So you see, today rolls on and you lay in the silky or furry, smooth bed of life’s goodies with chosen buddies and you dish out ashes to those who love you and care about you.
Tomorrow, weeks or years later, life puts them at a better place. A better place with worthier people; thankfully without you.

Can you tell or guarantee tomorrow?
Can we?
Karma often courts silently.
It has it’s own phone and address book contacts.

What a world.

Ofu ugbosi, o ga eme ufodu ndi mmadu VOOM NA ANYA.

Like said above-
One day, things will shock people and scales fallen off the eyes.

Seeing again anew like one blinded.
Blind folded.

~ Sandra C.V. Nwadi

#Love #Integrity #Life #Loyalty #Truthfulness

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2 Responses to TUESDAY MUSINGS

  1. Chega says:

    Plain truth. Thanks for sharing your thoughts

  2. sandranwadi says:

    Thank you Chega. It’s appreciated.

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