You are most certainly A PRISONER and A SLAVE; HUGE SLAVE (OF THE MIND AND SOUL most times) if you are persuaded OR forced to date OR marry another person rather than the one you LOVE or your chosen one because of tribe, state, nation, race, a few years gap, class, denomination or religion.

I cannot stand tribalism or ethnicity or cultural crap or religious hullabaloos.
I never ever did stand it and speak against trash like that since childhood.
We all can’t be the same or have same mindset and outlook in life but think about it…

Think about what you did then or about to do before you shut a door to your ‘paradise’
Think deep before you let that choice go and submit to prison
and invisible chains of slavery.
If you let go, the chosen one or that true love will free you!!!
They may plead and fight for you but for how long?
Why push the human limits?

Sometimes, you are even persuaded and enslaved not human beings but your own doubts, phobia and fear within.
Make your choices, weigh, reflect and go with it.
Be responsible for your actions whether it works or not.
Be open-minded.
Be free.

Hold on to that one person that you love most and value most.
Hold on.


Love in it’s trueness and wholeness rules.
That true love in which I strongly believe in
rules and rules along with the components it is made of.
Hold on to that one person especially if they are not ready to let you go.

Folks, hold on and be strong.

Forget what people will say if it didn’t work.
People will always say many things if it works.
People will always talk about you.
Talk is cheap.
Cheaper and available like air.
Why worry?
Why so weak?

Even the dead people are sometimes talked about.
Why care about people really?
Life is lived each day till it’s no more.
Dead and buried.
Deeply, six feet under.

There’s never really a one way route or road in dealing with life issues.
You don’t know the future in years to come
Or if you will wake up alive tomorrow.
So why the hell would you;
some of you choose to be a prisoner or slave to fears and doubts within or family, man-made woes and societal/social constructions.

Learn. Unlearn. Relearn.
The world and the future is your oyster.

Rise above.

~Sandra C.V. Nwadi

#DifferentStrokes #ITSBULLSHIT #ShittyThingsICantStand

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