My New Studio Recorded Song titled, ‘Do You Ever Think Of Me’

I’s working on two of my ow…n original compositions and afterwards, same day, in the evening. Yea, sometimes, one gets in to the ‘zone’ and gets into a creative-high, a serious lock down and makes love to music, poetry, fiction, painting, etc. Teeheehee. So, thought I share with you all and some radio stations.
Quite glad about what some radio stations and folks in two concerts I’d performed in had to say about it on air and in messages to me. I’m humbled. Someday, I’d share old original  recorded songs and also, recorded poems from years back done in Nigeria too.

*****The song, ‘Do You Ever Think Of Me’ was originally composed by Earl Burtnett and his Los Angeles Biltmore Hotel Orchestra in 1920 along with Harry D. Kerr and John Cooper who both provided the words.

My own attached song is a cover of the original but with some changes, twists to the melody and musical arrangements also created by me.

The music to my cover version was provided and produced by the amazing Enrico Pinna (also UK’s ‘Karnataka’ Rock band’s guitarist and vocalist), here in his London live and recording music Studio, Quadra on February 14, 2014.

I also wanted to add beats that sounded a bit irregular like a heart beat (broken heart) while attempting to bring in emotions in to the vocals and a little ambient, ethereal wave sounds to the entire song.  Then, laced it all with the keys, strings and the bass guitar.  Hope it worked.

Though the song is old (and my parents weren’t even born then. Imagine.) but it’s one of my favourite classics. I thought I’d share and hope the world likes this while I rework on my own original songs before I release them.****

This is me; one of my vocal ranges. That’s how I do sound. Hope it all pleases you too and butters your soul.
Click below and have a listen.




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