THE TRUTH ORCHARD (My audio poetry)

Performed in London, Paris, Eko Literary Society, etc.



It is true

That people go and come.

That friends come and go.

That lovers come, go or stay.

Some disappear with no signs


Some hover and flee.

Some blink green and then,

Blow cold, dead air.

Your best done matters not.


Some wow and weave through

Your strings of life’s jolly rides.

Few take trips to the earth’s ends and rims;

Journeying through your grief and losses.

Your best done matters little.


Some steal and destroy.

Your time stolen and gone like

Shooting stars and winds.

Hearts stolen and broken,

Ripped apart,

Left to mingle with dust and blood.

Lives caged.

Poked at,

Shackled with societal creed,

Culture’s noose and religious handcuffs.

Minds mindlessly, travelling to wish-cities

Where the ones they love do not want to be

To love them back.


Shackles and ironies.

Truths and roots.


Tree roots of strength, realities and self love

All springing up in soul orchards.


Seek, water it!


What’s real as truth?

It’s true about the whispering winds

And the stormy storms.


It will remain through all these.

It remains true about these,

True love and more!


Written by

Sandra Chinonye Vivian Nwadi



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