REVIEW: TINA’S SHOES AND LOVE ISSUES (Parts 1 and 2 – An audio fiction series)





You should grab for yourself as I did, a huge glass of some cocktail with a splash of vodka, some ice cream; I’d generously mixed it with pistachio nuts, caramel, Oreos and chocolate chips. In between sips, scoops and little chunks of beef lasagna, I listened to the part one and two of these audio series. Such shameless foodie and Art lover, I know.


These audio series got me entwined, glued and locked down almost surprisingly.  I listened to a few minutes in part 1 during some journeys but completed the part one and two at home. I couldn’t ignore the fact that I wouldn’t be satisfied until I finally listened to all of it.


In a few simple words, the story is about Tina, a competent and established fashion designer living in Lagos who gradually finds herself mixed up in romantic, annoying, challenging and sometimes hilarious issues of life and love.


To understand it all better, how it all began and ended or what happened to all the characters, it will require your curious minds and ears to the entire story. I will be a little generous and give tiny, little snippets in the audio series below,


          “When I got to Mr Johnson’s office, his wife was there. All ninety pounds of her! Burning the place down filled with…


“I did the moonwalk out of his office and back into my car”


“He has my N200,000 for the last set of shirts delivered and I have to get it off him before madam turns him into mince meat.” Tina said.


“…I remember Mr Gorgeous… What if he has the brain of a goat, a complete looser with an amazing, hot body”


“Her hellos, got hit by a fast car and died. I wasn’t going to respond’’


“What do I owe this call… aha, so who is the unlucky fellow…” Deji said


“ …And please stop with the maam… just call me Miss Tina”


“…I still sponsored Jojo’s last music outing… I can’t be fighting with a small girl… I can’t have a broken home… I’m fifty-seven this year, all of that rushed to me when I spoke to the lawyer…” the Senator’s wife said.



The recurring and entire thesis of the author’s plot and Tina’s life about love, wishes, thoughts, her strong beliefs, business and challenges are built upon one another for the whole audio series. Layer by layer, the story unfolds and allows us to take a journey with the both the author and the various characters through their rigmaroles and challenges in life, the quirks associated with each person in the story.


On a personal and yet, unsentimental note and level, I found the characters absolutely believable, engaging and ‘persuasive’ in the way that drew the listener or audience into their story and behaviour. The plots effortlessly deconstructs into an invisible but pictorial mind view as the audience listens.


At certain times, I felt like replying some of the characters and when I had a break in between the series to do some volunteer jobs in parts of Hammersmith and Notting Hill in London, all I could think of where the characters.


They went with me all through  my journeys from Hammersmith to Roehampton to the tube station in Victoria to Notting Hill yesterday, the 18th of February.

They haunted me! All of them in the series haunted and urged me to plug back in and listen to it all to the very end.


So I did.


Perhaps, it is just me and yes, varying forms of Art like these fiction series and even science does that to me. It would persuade me to delve into reading, creating and researching. Immersing, submerging completely within it all.


So again, I did listen to the end.

This proved to be worthwhile.


Joy Isi Bewaji, the author,  does a fine, fluid, architectural job of constructing a story and plastering it with unforgettable memories on the life of the protagonist and little, sub plots involving other characters. It is indeed like a built mansion, that promises to look beautiful for years and even when one comes back to it, it still looks beautiful- feels solidly good to listen to. It’s is the listener’s emotions and what she or he takes away from listening to part one and two of the series that enlightens such a mansion.


My favourite part of this audio series was during the epic struggle and when the perfume was brought only for the woman to scrutinize the gift as though searching for criminal evidence.


I loved the soundtrack used. It’s all original music too! The track by Nigerian artistes M-Trill and Rraz  is titled, ‘Loose’ and also produced by Bigfoot.

The perfume mentioned in the story weirdly reminded me that my own perfumes were almost finished and I needed to hit up the malls.


My least favourite  or rather, worst character had to be Ben. The very one with a horrendous gutter for a heart and shredded paper for a brain.

Jojo, another character reminds me of floating, emptiness of the mind that unfortunately thinks itself enriched.

There were times, I wanted to just magically put Ben and Jojo of course in a ‘no-returning to earth’ spaceship.


I dream and wonder what would happen to the Senator’s wife in future, perhaps, a challenging twist towards Tina’s love for shoes and fashion designing if possible, in a part 3 of the audio fiction. If there would be any.

Sometimes, I wish I could see the face of the secretary and listen to her thoughts at night after she was sat upon and almost strangled by a ninety-pound pound woman. Phew!

Secretary or not, I would sue. Maybe, cook up some law suit and shake her up. Then, maybe settle out of court.

The story got my imaginations taking a cruise round the streets of London and right into the crazy Lagos life. Ikeja axis and Okokomaiko just kept creeping into my thoughts too.


I believe all types of readers would enjoy this fiction especially from the ages of seventeen to over fifty years. The hilarious and romantic aspects of the plot will certainly leave the listener with more than their own expectations. The plot resonates with what life brings to certain people’s table.



This is a great work of art for anyone who wants something a bit different from all that has been laid out in the past and yet also wants something absolutely credible and relatable. If you are such a person and know some others, then you go for it.


Right now, I truly wish (you know that entertainment and media company I own in my head and heart for years) I could develop this fiction into a movie or TV series- that is how thoroughly satisfied I was and how hungry the inner walls of my imaginative, creative mind got rumbled.


Have a listen to parts one and two.

It is quite promising!



Written by

Sandra Chinonye Vivian Nwadi




Note: To make an ORDER and get your own copies delivered, contact   0803- 328 6604


Listen to the audio soundtrack here for FREE:











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The Fascinatingly Flexible Political Subtext of ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’


Catching Fire, the second film adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games trilogy (a trilogy which, true to their current style, Hollywood is adapting into four films), arrives on screen with the confidence of a film that knows it’s going to gross a bajillion dollars. It is a brisk, exciting, well-acted entertainment, and those elements, in addition to the built-in audience of Collins’ voracious readers, are the most logical explanation for the franchise’s massive popularity. But in viewing the two films back-to-back this week, another theory seems worth mentioning as well: the series’ political subtext, which is present and potent, yet flexible enough to latch on to the ideology of your choice. The Hunger Games is “political” without actually having to stand for anything.

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Do forgive other people who wronged or hurt you not just because they deserve to be forgiven but because you deserve peace, an ocean of love brewing within you forever and a forward-ever forceful shot at greatness someday in life.

Forgive. Deeply.

Do this real good and you become not just a gorgeous survivor or one who rose above the ills and the lows but an ultimate winner for life!

~ Sandra C. V. Nwadi

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Where are Africa’s great leaders?

Global Public Square

For more What in the World, watch GPS, Sundays at 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. ET onCNN

By Global Public Square staff

The world has welcomed another batch of Nobel Laureates for accomplishments in the sciences, literature, and global peace. But there is another prize, perhaps just as important, for which there was no winner.

We are talking about the Mo Ibrahim Prize, established by the Sudanese billionaire Mo Ibrahim. The criteria for winning are listed publicly on the prize website: You need to be a democratically elected African head of state that has left office in the last three years, and demonstrated excellent leadership. If you meet the criteria, you get a $5 million award, plus an annual pension of $200,000 that kicks in after a decade.

The point, of course, is to provide a financial incentive for African leaders to shun corruption. And yet, for…

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You are most certainly A PRISONER and A SLAVE; HUGE SLAVE (OF THE MIND AND SOUL most times) if you are persuaded OR forced to date OR marry another person rather than the one you LOVE or your chosen one because of tribe, state, nation, race, a few years gap, class, denomination or religion.

I cannot stand tribalism or ethnicity or cultural crap or religious hullabaloos.
I never ever did stand it and speak against trash like that since childhood.
We all can’t be the same or have same mindset and outlook in life but think about it…

Think about what you did then or about to do before you shut a door to your ‘paradise’
Think deep before you let that choice go and submit to prison
and invisible chains of slavery.
If you let go, the chosen one or that true love will free you!!!
They may plead and fight for you but for how long?
Why push the human limits?

Sometimes, you are even persuaded and enslaved not human beings but your own doubts, phobia and fear within.
Make your choices, weigh, reflect and go with it.
Be responsible for your actions whether it works or not.
Be open-minded.
Be free.

Hold on to that one person that you love most and value most.
Hold on.


Love in it’s trueness and wholeness rules.
That true love in which I strongly believe in
rules and rules along with the components it is made of.
Hold on to that one person especially if they are not ready to let you go.

Folks, hold on and be strong.

Forget what people will say if it didn’t work.
People will always say many things if it works.
People will always talk about you.
Talk is cheap.
Cheaper and available like air.
Why worry?
Why so weak?

Even the dead people are sometimes talked about.
Why care about people really?
Life is lived each day till it’s no more.
Dead and buried.
Deeply, six feet under.

There’s never really a one way route or road in dealing with life issues.
You don’t know the future in years to come
Or if you will wake up alive tomorrow.
So why the hell would you;
some of you choose to be a prisoner or slave to fears and doubts within or family, man-made woes and societal/social constructions.

Learn. Unlearn. Relearn.
The world and the future is your oyster.

Rise above.

~Sandra C.V. Nwadi

#DifferentStrokes #ITSBULLSHIT #ShittyThingsICantStand

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Jackie Evancho’s Dream With Me — Lyrics and Liner Notes — Updated With English Translations

Best of Jackie on the Web

Lyrics and Liner Notes header

Earlier, we supplied lyrics and liner notes for Jackie Evancho’s CD album Songs from the Silver Screen (2012). Here we turn to Jackie’s earlier album, Dream With Me (2011).

At the Christmas Eve service I attended, a twelve-year-old girl sang a carol. She did exceptionally well, for a twelve-year-old. She was poised and sincere, she clearly enunciated the lyrics. But still she sounded as we might expect someone her age to sound. Though pretty, her singing wasn’t convincing; she was unable to convey an emotional connection with the lyrics.

And then there’s Jackie. Because these are recordings, they don’t prove for posterity Jackie’s natural mastery of lyrics and interpretation. But anyone who has attended one of Jackie’s concerts will tell you with conviction that what seems remarkable on this CD is remarkable; it is not manufactured excellence; Jackie is often as accomplished in concert as she is on her recordings.

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AC Milan focuses on brain power to develop young players

CNN World Sport

While Italian football club Internazionale acquired new owners last week, there were also profound changes going on at city rival AC Milan.

The club that has won the Italian league 18 times and the European Champions League seven times is rethinking its youth structure’s organization — in future, Milan officials hope to tap in to the power of the brain.

For cerebral help, they have turned to a couple of Belgians — former Standard Liege coach Jose Riga and pioneering youth coach Michel Bruyninckx — to help influence the way the club develops its young players.

Milan has long had a reputation as a club that leaves nothing to chance in the pursuit of excellence. This after all is the team with its very own science establishment — the MilanLab — which it describes as a “high tech interdisciplinary scientific research center” to provide “the best possible management of individual…

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